Extending Fairtrade Gold to Africa Project aims to improve the incomes and living conditions of Artisan and small-scale miners and their communities in Africa, by working to establish a viable Fairtrade certification standard for the region.

The project will help to create opportunities for economically disadvantaged miners, specifically the Artisanal and Small-scale Miners, encourage them to work through formalized Artisanal and Small Scale Miners Organizations (ASMOs). It covers the East Africa Region, to include Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Project Objective

To promote the formalisation of the ASM sector, bringing with it improved working conditions for producers, strengthened producer organizations with the capacity to lobby for legislation and public policies that promote a responsible ASM sector, improved environmental management (including mitigating the use of mercury and ecological restoration), social security, gender equality, child protection and the progressive elimination of child labour in mining communities, the well-being of families and children, fairer market access, benefits to local communities in mineral rich ecosystems, and improved governance to this sector.

Our progress after the first year

Our progress after the second year


Over 300 miners have formalised their activities by registering various cooperatives and community based organisation so that their activities are streamlined and legalised. Of the various community based organisation, one, Syanyonya Artisan Miners’ Alliance (SAMA) was awarded the Fairtrade Gold certification in 2016 and is now working towards uping their production towards delivering their first batch of Fairtrade gold for the international market.