The Child Support Program (CSP) is a program implemented under the Education and Women’s Aid (EWA) Project. The Project assists vulnerable groups to improve their livelihoods and expand community livelihood opportunities through education, life skills development, and community health promotion, using an integrated approach to programming and guided by the passion to serve the vulnerable members of the communities.
It was born as a result of the discovery of several orphans and vulnerable children in need of support. EWAD felt a growing urge to help these children and with assistance from friends abroad EWAD has been able to start the Child Sponsorship Program. The program has since then grown from a friendship-based network into a comprehensive community-assistance project.

The project started in 2004, with support of USAID, to children whose parents died of HIV/AIDS by giving scholastic materials and vocational skills training. The project was originally implemented in four sub-counties in Rukungiri District and helped to instill hope among 120 orphans and other Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) in primary schools, and provide 60 out of school OVCs with vocational training. This preliminary short-term project was very successful, motivating us to raise long-term sponsorship for the children’s education.

The Child Sponsorship Programme aims at equipping children with knowledge and skills for employment and other Social responsibilities while lessening the burden of hard Labour and restoring hope for their future of Orphans and other Vulnerable children in Uganda.


CSP Project Sustainability and Benefits

  • EWAD’s strategy for the Child Support Programme is to fundraise for long term sponsors for continuity of the programme. With more enrolments in kindergarten to University level, EWAD is working to sustain the students enrolled till completion.
  • Education support to the children and the youth will decrease their vulnerability and reduce the risks of abuse.
  • Psycho-social support services will improve living conditions for children and families living under the impact of HIV/AIDS.

This project is on-going and we are constantly in search for potential partners that could be willing to support a vulnerable child today. You can get in touch with us today to find out how best you can help a child in need.