Children’s sponsor’s visit

Earlier this month we hosted our very good friends and partners from Canada; Frances Krebbs and Jackie Van Lankveld. It was Frances’ second visit in just under a month and she got the chance to visit with the children at our school and home in Entebbe and also with the children in boarding school. She is a Member of a group of well-wishers from Vineland, Canada, that support some of the Children under our Child Support Programme.

Jackie, meanwhile, is a member of the Rotary club of St. Catherine and has been very instrumental in fundraising efforts meant to enable us build a new school for our children and the community as a whole. We were truly honored to host her and giver her a taste of Africa.

For all this and more, we are truly humbled and are forever grateful to all our partners and in particular those that sacrifice their time and resources to support a child(ren) under our care. May the Good Lord bless you for your love.


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